The Mecanum Wheel’s Application In the AGV Vehicle

The Mecanum Wheel’s Application In the AGV Vehicle

Compared to ordinary mobile robots, Mecanum wheeled Omni-directional mobile AGV has its unique flexible motion advantages, solving two major problems:

1. The passability problem of ordinary mobile robots such as S-bend and right-angle bend is not subject to space or environment constraints.

2. Fast and precise positioning

The traditional AGV wheel usually adopts polyurethane wheel, which can realize the steering function through the two-wheel differential principle, and can realize the front, back, turning and other sports functions. It is widely used in automobile, electronics, logistics, and other industries at present. Mecanum Wheel’s AGV is each have advantages and disadvantages compared with traditional AGV: glossy, flexible wheel AGV movement, fine-tune capacity is high, run to take up the space is little, but the cost is relatively high, the structure form is relatively complex, the requirement of control, the manufacture, the ground is higher, apply to the space is narrow, positioning accuracy is higher, the workpiece fast attitude correction, the traditional structure of AGV is simple and cost is low, but its flexibility is poor, cannot be used in the limited space of the situation, difficult to achieve the workpiece tiny attitude adjustment. Suitable for large space, the workpiece in place after the position of the posture and other requirements are not high occasions.

Depending on the application scenario and function, the Mecanum wheel omni-directional AGV car can be divided into several types:

  • Basic type AGV: It can be used as a universal mobile chassis, commonly known as “flatbed”. It can transport the goods directly on the platform for transportation, and can also be modified on the chassis to support the transfer equipment;
  • Lifting type AGV: lifting platform or forklift structure, used for shelf transportation, aerial work, solving the “last metre” problem, quick alignment;
  • Roller type AGV: On the basis of the basic type AGV, the drum or conveyor belt can be directly connected with the production line of the production workshop instead of manually completing the series work of loading and unloading;
  • Operational AGV: The use of mobile AGV and robotic arm combination to complete production operations such as welding, grabbing, drilling, etc., reducing the number of operating equipment of the same type and increasing the flexibility of movement.

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