How to Maintain the Mecanum Wheel?

How to Maintain the Mecanum Wheel?

How to properly maintain the Mecanum wheel?

1. The casters must be installed at the location specified by the manufacturer.

2. The installed caster bracket must have sufficient strength to match the load capacity during use.

3. The function of the casters cannot be changed and is not affected by the installation device.

4. The turning axle must always be vertical.

5. The fixed casters must be in line with their axles.

6. If only rotary casters are used, they must be identical.

7. If fixed casters are used with swivel casters, all casters must be compatible with each other and must be recommended by the manufacturer.

Maintenance method:

1. Detect the visible wear of the tread. The “flattening point” of the tread surface can indicate the accumulation of foreign matter. For example, the wire and other debris may wrap around the wheel, remove the bolts and nuts on the wheel, and clean up the debris. Check the wheel bearing for damage. If the part is not damaged, reassemble it and continue to use it. If it is often encountered that the wheel is wrapped by debris, it is recommended to install an anti-wrapping cover to avoid it.

2. If the caster casters are loose or the wheels are stuck, it can also cause “flattening point”. Appropriate maintenance inspection, especially checking the tightness of the bolts and the amount of lubricating oil. Replacing the damaged casters can enhance the rolling performance and flexibility of the equipment. Sex.

3. Serious damage or slackening of rubber tires may lead to rolling instability, air leakage, abnormal load, and damage to the bottom plate. Changing the damaged tires and bearings in time can reduce the cost loss caused by the work of the casters.

4. After checking the repaired wheels, make sure that the bolts and nuts are tightened. Use lock washers or locknuts on all bolts as much as possible. If the bolt is loose, tighten it immediately. If the wheel inside the bracket is loose, the wheel will be damaged or cannot be rotated.

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