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Why Choose Omni-Robot


We keep the client involved during every stage of production to make sure that the wheel which finally delivered to him can fulfill all his objectives.


Every product will be inspected and made to undergo several quality checks, and it will be delivered and installed under the premises of our client.


We provide global transportation to our customers, and you can choose which way the wheel will be shipped according to your actual situation.


Our wheel technology makes it’s far less limited than conventional mobility solutions and integrates seamlessly into the production operations.


Qualified, skilled technicians are available for troubleshooting and problem-solving to ensure our wheel and your vehicle working smoothly.


One-year-warranty is offered for each wheel sold, effective from the delivery date according to the serial number engraved on each wheel.

and more...

The omni-directional manufactured by Omni-Robot adapt move drive technology and it can achieves accuracy of up to +/- 10 mm.

Omni-Robots’ mecanum wheels and omni wheel are suitable for all terrains, it do not require any floor work whatsoever.

You can quickly change the individual rollers on the vehicle without having to remove the entire wheel.

Experience OMNI-ROBOT Difference

OMNI-ROBOT focus on developing superior and reliable wheels for our customers. We have a dedicated team of 50 professional engineers with over 10+ years of experience and we thrive on the idea that our wheels makes a difference.

Everyday, OMNI-ROBOT is hardworking, to help our customer all over the world with their movement problems, you can rely on our wheels’ quality to stand the test of time, our integrated services, the quality of spare parts and support for your equipment’s life.

10 years in business

9710+ Customers

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9700+ customers in 28 countries use Omni Robot Technology. Meet our customers.

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